Monday, April 15, 2013

The 13th General Election of Malaysia

The 13th General Election is currently the most talked topic around the nation, wherever you go, whenever it is, we all talking about it. I am not excluded, in fact I am very anticipating about it. It gonna be my first time ever, to cast a vote in the election. Woohoo!

I did a research on the GE in prior years and read up some of the articles people wrote. I can finally say that this GE will be the most exciting one. It is a new era of election. Just look back to 3 General Election we had. 14 years back, 1999, information available to us limited to the mainstream media. Are we all being cheated back in the days? We wouldn't know what happened back then. 9 years go, 2004, BN won two third. During that time, broadband just started not long. Those who knew how to use the internet back then, obviously do not eligible to vote yet, older people not familiar with the Internet. Hence, information/news are still limited. 5 years ago, 2008, political tsunami. One of the main fact is that during that time, broadband is widely used. I think every family have accessed to the Internet. Information and news are all able to be obtained easily, local or international. We get to see international media reporting the issue happen in Malaysia. However, political party yet to start taking advantage of the Internet. 

This year, 2013, the 13th General Election, we all have collected enough of data for the last 5 years. International medias' reports are appearing everywhere. Nothing can be hidden and everything can be found on the Internet. Besides, people like me, the young adult are not eligible to vote. We all have been waiting for this opportunity. This is the time we are able to exercise our citizen rights. 
In the past few months, many parties are doing their parts for the GE. Be it the political parties or businesses. No matter which party you are supporting, you have to do your part to show your support. Do what you gotta do.

Come home to vote my friends.

This is my first time ever to blog something about politics.

I am voting no matter what will happen on 5th of May.

Undi, jangan tak undi!
Chee Hsien

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