Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Going Get Tougher

The end is the new beginning. Soon enough, I will be graduating from college. Looking for job now. That's when it get tougher.

Job is not as easy as I expected when I was in high school. In high school, your thinking would be, finish college, get a job, get married, happy ever after. Is always the full stop. Now that I'm finishing college, I don't think that way anymore. Now is always about the question mark. Where to get a job? When to get married? How to be happy ever after?

First question, where to get a job? I never thought getting a job is that hard when I was in high school. Maybe it was just me thinking it is this hard.

I started to think about future. Where I wanna be or what I wanna be. Unlike other, most of my friends, decide how rich they wanna be in few years time. Me? I'm thinking, who I wanna be. Is that makes me harder in my career?

Then I came to, where should I get a job? KL, would be the best for career opportunity, for now. The only problem is, I see future, the future which is not stable. I see Penang would be a great one. Penang will have more opportunity in few years time, why? Because of 2008 political tsunami. Changes of government giving Penang a very good opportunity, as I can see, just my humble opinion. Most of my friends don't think about this issue either. They don't want to work in KL because they hate KL so much, they just wanna be near to their family. Or they just wanna get away from where they were born. Am I too concern about external factor?

Not just that, there are lots more.

Dilemma, as usual.
Chee Hsien.


Lasker said...

You should look at your post today and your previous posts when you were younger..

Sky and ground! :D

Don't you worry .. yes, eventhough it is tougher, it is also much much more fun! You now have somethings you don't have when you were at school. You have freedom, no more artificial boundaries where you just need to get an A and you are fine.

Enjoy the freedom, it's exciting! :) Welcome to the working world, Chee Hsien :)

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