Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sometimes something should be left untold

A mistake that I learned today. Not everyone can accept the fact that they are wrong. Not everyone can accept your opinion. Not everyone can accept the fact that they have to change their lifestyle.

Let me ask you a question. How many of your friends who clean the dirt on your face? I know you have a lot of friends, you don't need me to tell you there is a dirt on your face because your friends can live with you with the dirt on your face. For me, I can't stand the dirt and I told you about the dirt so that you can clean it up and wont get laughed by other people. Is that wrong for telling you about it?

Maybe you love living with the dirt, but girl, this is just a small little dirt that I'm telling you. If you left it unclean, you will be having more and more dirt on you face, sooner or later, all your friends will be leaving you. I thought I was such a nice friend who tried to wipe away the dirt for you but it just turn out so wrong.

I tried all the best I can do to accept who you are but I came to realize that a friend should accept you as who you are yet helps you to be what you should. What I get in return? You said that I was a friend who is fake to treat you nicely. A fake friend you described. The word "fake", you don't know how hurt was it. Of all the stuff I did as a friend and you calling me a fake friend. Is that what I deserved? I have nothing to say if you think I'm fake.

I hate your eyes, it doesn't mean I do not love your ears. There are always something of you which keep the hate away. I was trying to love your ears more than judging your eyes. I know if I keep judging your eyes, I have no time to love your ears. I was trying to love everything about you and you just crushed it. Crushed just by one word you said to me. Fake, plastic, whatever you wanna call it. I already took the first step to step back for you and you don't seems to care about it. So what's the point I keep stepping backwards? I'm not gonna step back anymore.

I'm sad for what I did was not appreciated. It makes me looks like I'm a fool. If you can't accept what I said, I'm sorry then, I did what I did as a friend, if you don't want to talk to me anymore, I'm okey with it. Thanks for the memories you gave to me. It such a pity to say goodbye to you.

Chee Hsien


Anonymous said...

Friend..please dont sad maybe your friend do not understand what you actually want to express.

Lasker said...

Ya, no point being sad at a friend that do not appreciates you.

Logically, a real friend do that? You can tell me of a dirt on my face anytime of the day!

Veronica Lim said...

Telling a friend of a dirt on his/her face is always a good decision. Coz it can let him/her noe that there is a dirt, there is sumthg to that it wont bcum a laughter to others!
And..dun b so sad d! We r here to support u! ^^

cHrIstInA_YY said...

*cuddle* This is sad but it's just not worth to feel sad for such people... forget about her and care for those people who care about u ;)

EuEu said...

One thing I learned in such situation is to not give a f**k =D

Weird Dan said...

So many spam comments le CH