Monday, July 6, 2009

Life in KL

Look Out Point

Hey guys! I'm sorry for not updating my blog. I got no Internet access for the pass one month until last week.

I'm now settled down in KL to persuade my Advanced Diploma. Is a whole new challenge for me. The college is way much much bigger than the one I went in Penang. Penang campus was just less than a quarter compared to KL's. One thing I don't understand is why my college go so many staircase? Is like hiking for me everyday when I going for class. That's another thing. The food in canteens is suck to the max! They got 2 canteens, 1 cafeteria and one "restaurant". 2 canteens sucks, cafeteria is ok ok. I haven't try the other one.

Out of college, I usually stay at home unless dinner. That's all. Most of the time will be at home studying. LOL! Out to play one every weekend. That's my life in KL.

I just came back from Look Out Point. The above picture was taken there. Thanks to a photographer I met there who willing to borrow me his tripod. Can you spot the dead pixel in the photo? How to repair? :(

Anyway, those in KL please bring me out!

See you guys then :)


cHrIstInA_YY said...

Wow, so now u've moved to KL ;) all the best in your studies, it's good to hear that u're already settled down there. Hike more = lose more weight, hehe... good exercise :P Take care, my friend! And nice shot btw *cuddle*

imin said...

i miss u!
when wil u be back in pg? ;[
missss u