Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friends are important, don't you think?

Bright, cold silver moon, tonight I'm alone in my room. At first I really thought I was going to be alone all night long, thanks to a few friends of mine, so nice, walk all the way from their hostel which located few blocks away and brought me dinner. I love you people. You just made my day!

Came to think about it, not to say I'm showing off or what. I actually got many friends around. Most of them are good enough to be my brothers and sisters. But some are just selfish bitches. Who cares about those bitches? All I care is those who bring out the best in me. I'm glad that God gave me such nice friends around.

Somehow, I make all my friends disappointed. I want to hang out with everyone of you. I want to see what you see, think what you think, joke what you joking about. I can't do it. I can't merge all my friends into one group. I tried to spend my time equally, but I failed. I will neglected others. I don't know why. Is not that I'm leaving this bunch of friends, I just can't manage the time I spend with friends. I'm sorry buddies. Will catch up with you all soon :)

Chee Hsien


ah fat said...

haha..i am the bithches wan..wahaha
keep happy la.dunnoe wat to say liao..

Chee Hsien said...

aiyo... u're not la! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chee Hsien,

I browse through some blogs and i found ur blog.
Maybe u don't know me.. I'm your senior from TARC Penang as well as KL.
I just finished my study and now i'm working.
Can i add u into my blog friend, so i can read your blog.

Liy Liy

Caldin Wong said...


Caldin Wong said...
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