Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shorty got low low low low~~

I don't have to say anything! Let the video below do the talking!

If you can't view please click here.

Thanks everyone that came to my birthday party and got me so wet. The party was a blast and everyone had fun I hope. Is not fun for me, if you wanna know why, come I throw you into the pool and see you like it or not :D

Will blog about it with photo soon. Love each and everyone of you.

Chee Hsien


Elise said...

Chee Hsien, it was a GOOD experience :good: once in your life time...

Hugo Lim said...

alamak... happy birthday to you ahh anyway :D

come lets go do some photoshooting sometimes soon :D

JJ Jason said...

Nice lar, =D
Next year throw to the sea.