Friday, May 22, 2009

Once and Forever

3 years ago, I stepped into TAR College with a few high school friends. I remember how was I welcomed when I reach there on the first day of orientation. I was welcomed by the security who asked me whether I want to park my car inside the campus. I remember who he is and he is still there working as a security. Then me and my friends got separated into different groups of team. That's the moment I'm all alone with myself in a place where nobody knows me.

I braved myself to sit with a guy, which I don't even know where he is now and I don't even remember his name. The orientation was kinda bored to me but I'm glad that I get to know a few new friends which I think they don't even remember me now. One week of orientation is fun actually, in fact, it was the only time I can run around college, playing around, spraying water, mess with the water colour in the campus. Well, we can't repeat it because all the time we spend in college would be studying.

The first day of class that I'm assigned to, I still remember how I felt about it. I was wondering how and who would my classmate be. The moment I open the door of the room, I met this guy who I previously met during the orientation from other group. We sat together and after than he became my first best friend I know in TARC. However, he didn't make it to diploma and he is now working as a photographer somewhere in KL.

The first year of my college life was incredible. I made new friends all around, I joined Chinese Language Society which we had a blast celebration dinner together, I joined Volleyball which I learn to play volleyball with new friends and we actually won 2 rounds for a newbie like us. LOL! The first presentation in class, I remember that my classmate was laughing at me which I don't know why. The first choral speaking that we were forced to participant by our English tutor and we won 1st runner up UNEXPECTED! xD The first outing we had was at RedBox Gurney which ended up 7 people squeezed into a Proton Savvy. It was fun actually. My first birthday I had with you all, check it out here. And the first year is quite happy because I got high CGPA but the real challenge start when I was promoted to diploma. I failed my first paper.

During the diploma first year, we the promoted students always went out together, left out the new students behind. I don't know how, I don't know why, we will come to this close together. A semester pass a semester, diploma year pass very fast. First time went vacation with you all in Langkawi. Think back to the times, it was hell lots of fun. Can we do it one more time?

I remember the first time we all get drunk together;
I remember the first time we sang by the beach with a blanket of stars;
I remember the times we went lunch or breakfast together;
I remember the bus stop we use to hang out and gossip together;
I remember the McD that we used to study together;
I remember the beach that we always hang out and make mermaid;
I remember the exam hall that we pass the answer around;
I remember the coffee shops that we always go for foods;
I remember the Sunset Bistro that we love to go to enjoy the sunset;
I remember the G56 which I think is a tuition center to us;
I remember the cinema that we always go for movie;
I remember the New World Park......

There are so much to write, so much happiness to share. I don't think I'm gonna finish listing it.

With the support and love you all gave to me, I'm proudly graduated. I have no idea what I will be without you guys. You bring more laughter into my life. Thinking back, I was wondering what have I contributed into your life? You gave me so much and I don't know what have I done with you all. Hereby, I apologies for what I had done, please forgive me.

There are so many classes in TARC, but why M10 I'm in? I asked myself. Seeing other classes got collusion but M10 don't have. This is a very proud thing in TARC.

Good luck to all of you, may you have a bright future =) I will definitely miss each and every single of you.

Till we meet again.
With love,
Chee Hsien

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Shaz said...

Heyy Cheeh Hsien!!!!! juz wanna say hi wei.. long time no see! How have u been? Sorry i couldnt make it for ur bday in penang! :(