Sunday, May 17, 2009

My First Touch!

Last week, I went all the way up to Alor Star to meet up with friends. I went to a friend house once I reach there because his house is the only place I know in Alor Star. Finally met his brother that just bought at Canon 40D few weeks ago. I recommended his bro to buy a 50D but he bought 40D. It doesn't matter, he buy, I try :D Woot!

My First Touch

That's me figuring how to conquer 40D! I even read the manual book! LOL!

After I tried out a few shots, they took me somewhere for lunch. I forgot to take photo of the shop. This shop is well known for this style of fish, silly me, forgot the name :D See picture!

Food 1

Food 2
The fish was nice! The vegetables wasn't that good. :D It is worth a try for the fish.

Coming up next, outdoor portrait, stay tuned!

Chee Hsien


Hugo Lim said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa eeeeeiossss 40D

Jonathan said...

Canon kaki? I'm a Nikon kaki. Come join us at

millymin said...

the camera bigger than your d***!