Thursday, April 9, 2009

The One and Only


Every start has an end. Everything, no matter good or bad, will comes to an end. The only thing that never end is our friendship. I don't know how time count, I don't know how our friendship rated, I don't know how much we hate each other and I don't know how much we love each other too. But I know, I don't want to count the time because it does not stop running to the end of it. I know there's nothing can be used to rate our friendship because our is stronger than anything in the world. I know we won't hate each other for a long period. I know that you love me more than I expected and I love you too.

Just a blink of eyes, almost 731 days gone. We will be graduated soon. We will never know if we will ever be together again in the future, but with the heart, I know we can.

This could be the last BBQ we had. I'm glad that you all came yesterday. We had fun, we talked, we laughed, we cam-whore-ed. In my memories, there are not more than 10 times we gather around, I can't even remember, that's why I organized this BBQ just to have the most remember one. I will remember this for the rest of my life. I really touched that you can make it because it is kinda last minute plan. I don't mind paying a little bit more just to see everyone of us happy. The happiness in everyone's eyes is a rare thing. I see everyone enjoyed this farewell party. It could be rather short as we end this BBQ at around 11.30pm. I hope it can be longer, I even hope it won't end. That's why I said that I don't want to count the time. It hurts.

Perhaps, we will gather again during CNY or other special events. Don't forget our 10 years' appointment. Don't forget me too.

With Love,
Chee Hsien


Ms.Yiing said...

love it so much....hehe this is a memorable day for we all,rite?? thx hsien u did d everything and m10 ppl oso loh...if bo u all "he zhua" thn no dis BBQ d.haha

Veronica Lim said...

Ya..this is kinda a very memorable bbq! Perhaps, this is the 1st time I went for a gathering with u all..I appreciate wht u had done for all of us! Tats sure will be a sadness when it come to next week. But, we will still meet 1 day! not only 1 day..but always! ^^

p/s: Pls dont simply send my pic others har! haha.

Amyson said...

the bbq is awesome,but the saddest thing is I can't join you guys...I hope you all don't forget me, the happiness, and memory at M10...if next time have gathering, please don't forget to inform me, even maybe I can't attend it...