Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Lasker and ShoutOut


I guess most of you guys do not realize that tomorrow, 14th of April, is actually Lasker's birthday. Besides that, it is also ShoutOut's 3rd Birthday! Other than that, Happy 1st Anniversary to Lasker and Elise too. I'm not sure when was the marriage but who cares?! :D

I'm here to wish ShoutOut and Lasker a very Happy Birthday and hope there will be more people join ShoutOut. Hope ShoutOut can earn a bucks or two so that Lasker and Elise don't need to contribute such a huge amount of money from their pocket. I wish that I can do something from ShoutOut too, but Lasker just don't want our money.

ShoutOut is my online entertainment. It is also a place for me to make friends. ShoutOut is the best place for me online.

With Love,
Chee Hsien


Anonymous said...

fast and short.. btw, why u open two domain..?

Lasker said...

Thank you so very much!
You are 2nd person to wish me. Evie cheats a bit .. she use Facebook to wish .. hahahahaha

Thank you very much. Most of the thanks should go to you and the first few believers of ShoutOut. Nothing to do with me or Elise, without you, there will be no ShoutOut today. So you tell me how can I accept any Shouter's money? :D

Cheers, Happy Birthday to ShoutOut too! :)

Thily said...

yes ... shouter is educated entertainment ... I also thanks a lot for lasker, and I never know that lasker contribute such a huge amount of money from their pocket.